World Outreach Revival Center is a church with a revival spirit that reaches out into all the world through Evangelism. A church that teaches new converts the Word of God through discipleship and builds wholeness in the body through Healing and Deliverance. Our heart in ministry is to Develop Leadership and Train Ministers. To see the five-fold Ministry of Jesus Christ in operation, fulfilling His will and their callings to advance the kingdom of heaven.

Important Announcement 


Hello WORC Church Family,


As we continue to follow the guidelines set by our governor and the CDC, the following is a list of simple guidelines to follow as we hold public church services. With these guidelines we are hoping to keep everyone safe and healthy.
1. Be considerate of the elderly, sick or those that have compromised immune systems by maintaining a safe distance.
2. Please refrain from hugging or making others feel uncomfortable with close contact.
3. Shaking hands without sanitizing is a quick way to spread germs. (if you shake hands sanitize before and after)
4. If you cough or sneeze please follow the CDC guidelines by covering your mouth.
5. We have separated the chairs as to accommodate family and close friends that have already been in close physical contact during this season.
6. Desiring to lighten the mood, we are making available smiley faces, for those that would like to maintain social distancing. Please feel free to place a smiley face on the seat of the chair on either side of you to prevent yourself and others from feeling uncomfortable.
7. Let us work together in the spirit of unity and the bond of peace by respecting the viewpoints and opinions of everyone around us.
(In other words do not bring division by judging others.)
8. We will be providing hand sanitizers and soap for your use and protection.
9. Please help maintain order with your children, for their safety and the safety of others. We ask that you keep the children seated with your family.
10. Before laying hands on anyone in prayer please ask permission and sanitize before and after.

Let us stay safe and believe God that this will soon be over. We appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you,
Pastor David & Sis. Tammy

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