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Self-Quarantine Thoughts

By: Ashton-Marie Woodard Fairchild Jesus IS peace. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in a place of hopelessness. Even in the midst of what seems like utter chaos, I get to breathe peace- in and out. Some say “Ashton you’re crazy. You only say that because it’s what you’ve been taught.” …


Mountain in Disguise

Mountain in Disguise by: Isabella Shoemake Recently, I was sweeping the kitchen the other day after eating dinner with my housemates.  One of my housemates was still at the table finishing up her food.  As I made a pile, I realized I did not have the dustpan.  In fact, it seemed to have disappeared.  “Georgia, …



Laugh  by Isabella Shoemake I laugh at the face of depression,  For it no longer has a hold of me,  The enemy tried to handcuff me,  But King Jesus came and set me free.  The enemy tried to steal my life,  He almost took my everything,  But now I am overwhelmed with joy,  And I …